Holly Yzquierdo

Holly Yzquierdo

Holly Yzquierdo is an experienced Marketing and Communications Manager and has served at Catholic Charities since 2014. She is passionate about helping nonprofits share the impact of their work in a digital world. Holly has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Cameron University. Outside of work, Holly enjoys spending time with her family.

Rachel completed the Dignity Diversion program about a year ago. She takes life one day at a time and is in school and working toward her GED. She also has a job and finds pride in taking care of her baby. She wants her child to have a better life  than she had.

Charles Hornsby was living on the street when he discovered a cat that was abandoned in a motel parking lot. Without hesitation, Charles rescued the cat and named him Oyster after the white pearl on his chest.

“We were both homeless and as a Marine Veteran, we leave no man, or cat, behind,” said Charles.

High school students in Prescott, Ariz. are building friendships with the residents of Las Fuentes Resort Village. The senior living community has welcomed students from North Star Youth Partnership’s Peer Assistance and Leadership program (PAL).

Beth became pregnant with her third child and immediately started thinking about what she wanted for the son she was carrying. Like most parents, she wanted him to have every opportunity in life. She dreamed about the kind of life her son would have, and the kind of man he would become.

Maria was raising her two young grandsons when she lost her home, car and everything she owned in a fire.

They were homeless and didn’t know how they would start over. A family member told them about Verde Villas and the affordable housing program at Catholic Charities.

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