Catholic Charities Veteran Services helps veterans and their families who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness find stable housing and provides ongoing case management that includes financial planning, assistance applying for VA benefits, emergency assistance and more.

Friday, 01 March 2024

Veterans Services Gets Prescott Couple into Safe Housing

Jose and Roseann Fonseca, both in their 70s, are just like any other couple living in Prescott, Ariz. They enjoy spending time with their dog, Queenie, and exploring the rich beauty of Northern Arizona. But underneath all of this, they were struggling.

For over a year, the couple was housed with a Section 8 voucher, which provides low-income, disabled, and elderly individuals with safe and sanitary shelter. Unfortunately, a rent increase made it impossible for them to stay housed.

Living in Survival Mode

In 2017, Jose, Roseann, and Queenie began living in their camper van. Although the van provided some shelter, it couldn’t fully protect them from Prescott’s hot, dry summers and cold, icy winters. Still, they tried to make the best of the situation.

In January 2022, an outreach worker with Catholic Charities Veterans Services approached Jose and Roseann. Veterans Services helps veterans and their families who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness locate stable housing and resources.

After completing the intake process, a case manager assisted the couple in paying application fees to nearby apartment complexes. Because they were on a fixed income, they focused on low-income housing for seniors to ensure that their rent stayed at a manageable rate.

Starting Over in a New Home

In September 2022, they secured a unit in a low-income senior apartment complex. It was a beautiful one-bedroom apartment where Jose, Roseann, and Queenie could begin to live their lives to the fullest.

Veterans Services provided them with basic household goods such as pots, pans, linens, dishes, and cleaning supplies. The couple also received a new bed, which was much better than sleeping upright in their van.

They were then able to get their belongings from storage and begin making their apartment feel like home. Roseann discovered newfound joy and happiness in decorating the apartment with all her favorite things. Jose loved the outdoors but knowing that he and his wife would have a safe place to sleep every night was even better.

Veterans Services Provides Ongoing Support

In early 2023, their van broke down and was too expensive to repair. Luckily, Veterans Services has been able to provide taxi vouchers to help with transportation. The couple’s case manager connected them to other resources like Meals on Wheels. Additionally, they have support from a local church that brings them occasional food boxes.

Now that he has a permanent home, Jose can focus on other things like paying off debt and getting a car so that they can have transportation and get out to explore.

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