Thursday, 12 January 2023

The Importance of Early Education

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, it is estimated that the enrollment rate of three to five-year-old children in education decreased to 84% in 2020. This information is alarming to some individuals since early education can help children get a major head start in life. Therefore, we are here to help you understand the importance of early education and the critical role that it plays in a child's fundamental development. You can even direct your foster care charitable tax credit to Catholic Charities Westside Head Start program to help a child at an early education school. There are also opportunities to receive a public school tax credit or certified school tuition tax credit in many circumstances on your Arizona income taxes. The opportunities to help a child in early education are many, and here are some things you can look forward to.

Getting a Head Start in Life

Ensuring that your child receives an early education is one of the best ways to give them a head start in life. Education is an important component when it comes to factoring into the kind of success your child will have later in life. Early education simply gives your child the head start they need to ensure this success when they reach elementary, middle school, and even in their final years of high school.

Children who receive early education have also been noted to avoid having to be enrolled in classes that are tailored for special educational needs. These special education needs have been improved by charitable tax credit donations from parents and donors. This early start has also provided young children with the right mindset to make better decisions in life. Children who were given an early education found themselves making better decisions later in life, avoiding teen pregnancies, and ending up as homeowners. Fortunately, early education isn't something that is completely out of the question for many parents.

Choosing the right school doesn't have to be difficult either. Make sure to look out for teachers who have a positive career history, faculty that are positive and uplifting, and who are open to communication with parents as often as you like. For those low-income families who desire a high-quality early education and family interaction experience, Catholic Charities Westside Head Start offers early education for ages 0-5 in the West Valley of the Phoenix Metropolitan area at no charge.

After understanding the importance of early education, you can direct your foster care charitable tax credit to Westside Head Start if desired, and take advantage of the school tuition tax credit and the public school tax credit as well by stacking your tax credits. Consult your tax advisor for details. Contact us online today at for more information.

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