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How Catholic Charities Is Looking Out for American Veterans

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According to the Census Bureau, about 17.5 million individuals over the age of 18 are veterans. After years away from family and friends, some veterans face difficulties when returning home. Finding work can be a challenge partially because some individuals join the military right out of high school and have not had the opportunity to develop the skills needed to transition into private-sector employment. Fortunately, Catholic Charities Arizona can help veterans who are struggling in a variety of ways.

Challenges Faced By Veterans

Homelessness is another prevalent issue that veterans face. Approximately 30% of individuals who face homelessness are veterans. The chronic stress and danger associated with military deployments can impact veterans physical and emotional wellbeing. Unfortunately, the stigma associated with some of these issues can prevent veterans from seeking help. Let us discuss how Catholic Charities Community Services is stepping in to help.

Catholic Charities Helping Veterans in Need

Catholic Charities helps veterans in crisis in many ways. As previously discussed, there are staggering numbers of veterans who are hungry, threatened with eviction, and dealing with mental health issues. Catholic Charities ensures that veterans get basic things like clothing, food, jobs, and housing. Catholic Charities is also looking to fill the gaps in social services for veterans.

Catholic Charities also helps veterans with documentation to prove eligibility for VA benefits. Necessary documentation includes a proper ID and military service forms. Catholic Charities AZ helps veterans who are at-risk of becoming homeless obtain secure housing. They provide necessities for the veterans to build a new life in their new housing, such as bedding, cleaning supplies, pots, and pans, and more. Catholic Charities AZ helps veterans receive the support they need to begin a fresh start.

Many veterans are in danger of losing their homes or have already lost their homes. Eligible veterans and their families are provided with case management, outreach, and assistance obtaining VA benefits and credentials, as well as other assistance navigating local and federal resources. For more information on this topic, do not hesitate to contact Catholic Charities Community Services.

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