You can use workplace giving programs to help you donate to the charities you love. There are many ways you can contribute money, including through payroll deductions and participating in workplace giving campaigns.

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) - #29740
The CFC is a workplace giving campaign for federal employees including civilian employees, military personnel and postal workers. Your contribution through the CFC helps all Catholic Charities programs. Be sure to include CFC# 29740 to designate your funds to Catholic Charities.

State Employee and Maricopa County Charitable Campaign
If you are a public employees who is paid through state, municipal, county, public school, public college, university, and other public funds—you can engage in a public-sector campaign. Simply make Catholic Charities Community Services your charity of choice.

United Way Program
Donations to Catholic Charities might be eligible through United Way workplace campaigns, however, some restrictions may apply. If you are eligible, please write in Catholic Charities on the line for your designated charity.