Happy Thanksgiving Veterans

Help a Veteran This Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches—many of our Arizona veterans are facing a cold, lonely holiday. Brave individuals who committed to protect our freedom in the armed forces are back home and facing homelessness.

Thanksgiving Meals for Veterans in Arizona

This year, we are inviting you to help provide a happy Thanksgiving for veterans experiencing homelessness. Your gift of $XX will provide a Thanksgiving Dinner and hope to a veteran in crisis.

Craig, a Desert Storm veteran

Craig, a Desert Storm veteran, became homeless after a medical emergency and 3 weeks in the hospital.

He found hope at Catholic Charities MANA (Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force) House, a transitional housing facility for veterans experiencing homelessness.

Craig continued to recover from surgery and worked with his case manager to find every resource available to make a fresh start. He enjoyed the “sense of belonging” he found with fellow service members. After a few months he found permanent affordable housing at St. Michael’s Crossing, a community developed by Housing for Hope, an affiliate of Catholic Charities.

Your support helps provide comfort for veterans during difficult times. Providing veterans Thanksgiving Dinner does more than provide nutritious food, it provides normalcy and celebrates the dignity of the person.

John, a retired sergeant major, grew up in Prescott, Ariz.

After spending 20 years serving as a Marine he was ready to come home. He lined up a job and began the cross-country drive back to Arizona.

His car broke down in Utah, the unexpected cost of repairs and lodging depleted his savings. He eventually arrived in Prescott, only to discover the job he expected wasn’t available.

John went to the VA for help, and they directed him to Catholic Charities Veterans’ Services. Our team arranged a safe place for John to stay, along with food and household items. “Without Catholic Charities, I don’t know what would have happened to me,” said John. “They came to my rescue.”

John, a retired sergeant major

When You Help Veterans This Thanksgiving


Your gift may qualify for a Foster Care Charitable Giving tax credit.

Catholic Charities has received this designation because more than 50 percent of our budget goes toward programs for children in foster care and the families that support them. We also serve veterans, domestic abuse survivors, the homeless and others.

That means whenever you support any part of our work, your gifts may qualify for the Foster Care Charitable Giving tax credit.

Consult a tax professional for details.

You can help veterans this Thanksgiving and get a tax credit.