Rachel completed the Dignity Diversion program about a year ago. She takes life one day at a time and is in school and working toward her GED. She also has a job and finds pride in taking care of her baby. She wants her child to have a better life  than she had.

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Connected to Our Mission

As a training and development specialist, Michele Bellenir works in the Catholic Charities human resource department to ensure that everyone on the team has the training and resources they need to do their jobs. 

One of the benefits of working for a nonprofit is knowing that the work you do is more than a job, your work makes a difference in people's lives. Catholic Charities' mission is to help our community's most vulnerable isn’t just for the staff that works with clients--it extends to all of our staff.

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At age 26, Taylor can recount a life filled with dysfunction, drugs, violence, sexual abuse and exploitation, and trafficking.

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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Shelly's Last Chance

Shelly grew up in the 1960s. To look at her now--a home owner, peer support specialist, artist and jewelry designer--you would never guess the lifetime of struggle she endured.

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Normally, a teenager would be excited to visit a new State, but Emily wouldn’t get to sight see or make new friends. She was forced to walk the streets to sell her body. At age 15, she got caught by police. She was afraid of what would happen. She had always heard that the police would hurt her and that they couldn’t be trusted.

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Choosing a healthier path in life takes courage and discipline. Every day people are making life-changing decisions to lose weight, stop drug addictions or pursue a new career. Some reach their goals and some do not—but a key factor in succeeding is being mentored by someone who achieved his or her dreams.

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