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During this time, the individuals and families we serve need us more than ever. With shortages in funding, a lack of basic supplies for foster families, refugees, victims of domestic violence, the homeless and more, we need your support.

Donations to the Relief Fund will go toward the immediate needs of our clients, such as food, diapers, hygiene supplies, and a rental assistance fund. Many of our clients are out of work during this crisis. Others, are living on the streets and now have even more difficulty getting life-saving supplies. This outbreak is especially difficult for veterans who may be disabled or suffer from PTSD, families experiencing homelessness, multigenerational families in low-income housing, victims of domestic violence who are stuck at home with their abusers, and more. Your gift will help us continue our life-saving work!

In fact, thanks to the generosity of our Board of Directors and Emeritus Board, all donations are being matched up to $50,000 through May. So your gift can help twice as many!

If you cannot give a gift, please consider supporting us through prayer. You can join the prayer group by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and pray with us every Wednesday from your home.