“You can literally save lives. You can bring people off the streets that may have been on their way to death…” —“Theresa,” a sex-trafficked survivor in Catholic Charities Diversion program.

Everyone needs a guardian angel. You can change the life of a sex-trafficked survivor in Phoenix by being on her side. With 86 percent of sex-trafficked survivors never returning to prostitution after completing Catholic Charities’ Diversion program—many young women are finding a new, safe life to pursue their talents and dreams. But they need help getting started on the right foot.

Give Today!

When you join the Stop Sex-Trafficking Team and become a one-time or monthly giver, you’ll help sex trafficked survivors start over by providing for these basic needs.

$15 a month will provide groceries.

$25 a month will provide bus passes, groceries and hygiene supplies.

$50 a month will provide a 31-day bus pass, groceries, hygiene supplies and clothing needs.

$100 a month will provide for traveling, groceries, and clothing needs for job interviews.

By joining the Stop Sex-Trafficking Team, you’ll be joining a community of other men and women taking a stand in Phoenix.  You’ll help women like “Sarah” that you saw in the video and other young women caught in slavery to be set free.

Help a Survivor Today!

Started in 2001, Catholic Charities Diversion Program is one of the most unique programs in the United States as it creates a partnership with the City of Phoenix prosecutor’s office. Instead of sex-trafficked survivors having to do jail time, they are offered the choice of doing 36-hours of self-exploration and education to heal, gain self-esteem, be supported and receive job placement assistance. The City of Phoenix Prosecutor’s Office study cites that 86 percent of survivors going through this program do not return to sex-trafficking.