Sabrina Walton

Sabrina Walton

Sabrina Walton is the Program Manager of In- Home Services, including both Nurturing Parenting and Family Connection Programs. Sabrina Walton has an extensive background in social service and community work and joined the Catholic Charities team in 2019. Striving for community relations, and outreach she is involved with local faith-based entities, including churches and shelters. Sabrina has an educated background in childhood services, psychology, and behavioral health. She is a member on the ACEs consortium, and a certified Trauma Informed and PAC trainer. She loves serving others, in the continued motto of Grand Canyon University, where she received her bachelor’s in education and master’s in Psychology. 

Carolyn, a woman in Glendale, Ariz., has been raising her two teenage granddaughters for the past 13 years. About a year ago, the life Carolyn had built for her family nearly came crumbling down.

Most mothers couldn’t imagine not being able to see their newborns and missing those important milestones. But for Lisa, a mother in Mesa, Ariz., this fear became a reality.

Unfortunately, thousands of children are hurt or even killed each year due to an interaction with an unsafe or developmentally inappropriate toy. December is known as Safe Toys and Gifts Month in order to encourage a happy, healthy, and safe gift-giving experience for all involved.

Parenting is stressful, and feelings of inadequacy often increase this stress. Mindfulness helps parents take a step back and look at their parenting style without judgment, freeing them to make changes. Mindful parenting exercises help address the negative feelings that come with seeking perfection, feeling rushed and losing patience.