Hello! We are Will, Carrie, and Riley. We have been a family of 3 since 2013 when our son Riley was born. Riley is currently 7 years old and full of cuddles, love, and energy. We cannot wait to add more of the same to our family with an addition of a newborn. After 3 failed pregnancies and the stillbirth of our son Emmett, we have made the decision that adoption is a beautiful way to add to our family. We have been married since 2006 and are loyal and faithful to one another and always will be. Will is employed with Salt River Project and Carrie is a stay-at-home mother. We are very fortunate to be in a situation where Carrie will be able to stay at home with a newborn. On Will’s days off we enjoy swimming, fishing, boating, bike riding, going to the park, the movies, and traveling. Will is from Michigan where we travel annually to visit relatives and Carrie is a native to Arizona and remains very close to her parents, brothers and nieces and nephews who live close by.

We live in a wonderful neighborhood full of families that love, support, and help one another when needed. Riley has many friends within the neighborhood that he plays with on a weekly or sometimes daily basis. We could have never known when we moved to the neighborhood in 2015 how many friends we would make and how important they would be to our daily lives. We have no plans on moving anytime soon as we know this kind of neighborly love and support cannot be found everywhere. We (and our family, friends, and neighbors) can’t wait to welcome a new addition to be loved