Hello! We are Rick, Karen, and Olivia. We married in 2012 at a Catholic Parish in Gilbert, AZ. We now live in North Phoenix, with our daughter, Olivia. Karen's parents and sister live close by. Rick’s parent’s live in San Antonio, TX and visit us for a few weeks, a couple times a year. We are Catholic and put our faith in God at the center of all we do. Not perfect people by any means, but we strive to live by God's word and grow in love and grace each day.

We look forward to growing our family through adoption someday soon.

Olivia will be a wonderful big sister, as she loves to take care of others, teaching what she learns in school, doing crafts, playing games, swimming or riding bikes/scooters outside.

We live in a beautiful neighborhood, close to a community park. We are close to our families, have life long friends, and good neighbors. We like to go to parks, festivals, amusement parks, short road trips to explore the outdoors, and just spending time at home watching movies, swimming and enjoying each other’s company.