Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Head Start Helps College Parents

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Preschool is important, but expensive. Finding quality educators to care for children isn’t something everyone can afford.

Last year alone almost 150,000 Arizona kids, aged zero to age 5 lived in poverty. While basics such as food and shelter are at the top of the priority list for those families, Catholic Charities is making sure the most disadvantaged youth are getting a chance to have a quality education.

Famous author Victor Hugo said, “He who opens a school door, closes a prison.” With an education, children are set on a path to greater success.

Catholic Charities Westside Head Start provides free comprehensive, early childhood education emphasizing pre-reading, language, math, cognitive skills, health, and social and emotional competence to prepare children for school.

Couples like Brent and his wife, who attend Glendale Community College, needed someone to watch their son while attending class. Through the partnership between West Side Head Start and Glendale Community College, children from low-income families are able to receive a high-quality education while their parents get a college education.

“It’s really nice, especially being here, because my wife goes to school here and I go to school here as well,” says Brent. “(Head Start) definitely helps with both of us being in school full time.”

West Side Head Start helps families build a brighter future. The focus isn’t only on the kids; it’s on the whole family. Brent knows that the Head Start staff truly care about him, his wife and child.

Head Start is a national organization that is celebrating 50 years of service in helping children be prepared for their education. You can learn more here.

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