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5 Tried and True Parenting Tips

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5 Tried and True Parenting Tips Photo by Neeta Lind flickr.com/photos/neeta_lind/

Is parenting your top priority? Every child is different, there is no proven formula to raising great kids. Parenting takes work

5 Universal Parenting Tips

Here are five of the top tried-and-true parenting tips that can be used for children of any age.

Nurture Your Child's Self-Esteem

Kids start developing their sense of self as babies—and they see themselves through their parents' eyes. Your tone of voice, body language and expressions are absorbed by your kids. Your words and actions as a parent affect their development of self—so help them to see their value.

Catch Kids Being Good

Have you ever stopped to think about how many times you react negatively to your kids in a given day? You may find yourself criticizing far more often than complimenting. Try to catch them doing acts of kindness and goodness to emphasize their abilities to help others.

Set Limits and Be Consistent With Your Discipline

Discipline is necessary in every household. The goal of discipline is to help kids choose acceptable behaviors and learn self-control. They may test the limits you establish for them, but they need those limits to grow into responsible adults.

Make Time for Your Kids

It's often difficult for parents and kids to get together for family meals or spend quality time together. But there is probably nothing kids would like more. Try getting up 10 minutes earlier to eat breakfast with your child or postpone doing dinner dishes to take a walk instead. Kids who aren't getting the attention they want from their parents often act out or misbehave, because they're sure to be noticed that way.

Be a Good Role Model

Young kids learn a lot about how to act by watching their parents. The younger they are, the more cues they take from you. Before you lash out or blow your top in front of your child, think about this: Is that how you want your child to behave when angry? Be aware that you're constantly being observed by your kids. Studies have shown that children who hit usually have a role model for aggression at home.

If you need more parenting coaching, Catholic Charities helps parents through counseling and also through Westside Head Start classes for families that qualify.

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