When you’re lost in life, sometimes it’s hard to find the way on your own. There are more than 29,000 adults in Arizona who could testify to that fact. That’s the number of men and women who experienced homelessness last year in our state—people like you and me—people like Pat.

Pat was a successful heating and air conditioning specialist for 26 years before a severe back injury suddenly ended his career. The reduced income mixed with mounting medical bills put great pressure on Pat’s marriage. A few months after he lost his job, he found himself signing divorce papers as well, ending a relationship of nearly three decades. Depressed and alone, he lived in his car for eight months in the desert. But he found a miracle at Catholic Charities.

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Listen to him tell his story of fiding help and starting a new career and path for himself— this is all because people like you cared enough to help. Consider becoming one of our Miracle Workers, a friend who agrees to pledge a monthly gift of any amount, or you can give one time. Your gifts not only help produce miracles in the lives we serve, you help provide Catholic Charities with financial stability to sustain progress.

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