Wednesday, 12 August 2015

4 Ways to Get Your Kid Ready for School Days

Written by Renee Targos
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4 Ways to Get Your Kid Ready for School Days Photo by Michael Bentley

Starting a school day on the right foot can help your child to succeed socially and scholastically—so plan the night before to start the morning out right. Try setting a nightly routine to prepare them mentally and emotionally for their upcoming school day with these four simple tips.

1. A Good Conversation

Often, in the hustle of life, we end up not talking to each other or vegging out in front of a computer, video game or television. Make sure that every night you plan at least a half hour to an hour talking with your child about their day, friends and schoolwork. Encourage them to talk about their fears and joys and use it as a teaching moment in how to deal with peers, teachers and responsibilities.

2. Story Time

There are several books about characters going to school and what they encounter. Use these books to launch conversations with your little one about dealing with bullies, schoolwork and other pressures. Some great books are: “The Kissing Hand” by Audrey Penn, “Maisy Goes to School” by Lucy Cousins, and “Pete the Cat: Cool for School” by Eric Litwin.

3. The Nightly Routine

Keep a consistent nighttime routine with your child with dinner, brushing teeth and story time. During this routine, you can have your child pick clothes to wear in the morning and get his or her backpack ready to go.  You can also have your kids help you make their lunches. It’s also good to go over what time they’ll get up and what they need to do, like eating breakfast and brushing their teeth.

4. Your Mood

Often children pick up on your mood or reaction to their situation, so try to keep your mood positive. Having your morning organized the night ahead will help prevent some mishaps—but not all of them. In keeping yourself in a flexible, positive state of mind, you’ll influence your kids to adopt the same attitude as they start their day.

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