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Not Forgotten

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So many people, such as the elderly, live alone without support. Many struggle to live on a fixed income. When they experience sickness or injury, often they find themselves struggling to find money to get what they need to recover.

In fact, an AARP Public Policy Institute report says for adults (aged 65 and older), one in 10 live under the poverty line in the United States.

Lorena's Injury

Lorena, age 65, fell into this category. And when she injured her knee, she wasn’t able to get the support she needed to get better.

Without support equipment, she had problems walking even a few steps. In addition to the painful recovery, she couldn’t get to kitchen, bathroom or her bedroom.

Lorena could not afford a walker or other needed items, so she suffered alone. There were times during her recovery where Lorena’s leg was immobilized and she could not walk at all.

Medical Loan Closet

From a friend, Lorena learned about Catholic Charities’ loan closet at the office in Prescott, Ariz.  She borrowed a cane, knee brace, raised toilet seat and a mobile toilet.

“I could not walk, and I could not make it to the bathroom,” said Lorena. “I could not have afforded this equipment, so this allowed me to take care of myself.”

The borrowed equipment provided Lorena with much more than a helping hand; it allowed her to maintain her independence and dignity. Lorena said the equipment, “saved me” during her recovery.

Lorena is one of the many people in our communities who need the services of Catholic Charities and partners like you to help them recover during hard times. Lorena thanks you, and so do we, for your compassionate heart that reaches out to those who are often forgotten.

If you need help or know someone who needs assistance, please call us at 602-285-1999.

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