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Vacation Planning Tips

Written by Rebecca Sauer
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Traditions are great and provide meaningful family moments. Yearly fishing trips or amusement park adventures create lasting memories, but don’t be afraid of getting creative and trying new things. Just because it is what you have always done doesn’t mean it has to always be done that way.

Try these five tips to help you plan a new vacation everyone will enjoy.

1. Get Everyone’s Input

Have a family meeting way in advance to discuss vacations. Ask for input from all family members. Even your little ones may have an idea of what they want to do on vacation. Ask your friends and extended family if they've ever tried a new vacation and learn more about it.

2. Start Your Research

After setting your budget, get on the Internet or go to the library to look at travel magazines. Your vacation doesn't have to be long or expensive, it could be taking your family to explore a new spot, like Red Rock Crossing in Sedona, Ariz. or the lava cave in Flagstaff, Ariz. There are also local hotels and resorts in downtown Scottsdale and Phoenix for creating a family staycation, or ranches and Bed and Breakfasts in northern Arizona.

3. Scoping Out Your Destination

With new places, it's good to call ahead to find out more, especially during the summer months. A camping trip to Havasupai Falls takes reservations six months ahead and many of the camping grounds need reservations, too. Find out about road closures and any other hinderances that might prevent you and your family from having a relaxing trip. For amusement parks, buying tickets in advance might save you money.

4. Festivals

When looking at new towns or places to explore, look to see if there are any festivals happening at the time you want to go. This may make planning more challenging, but could add to the fun.

5. Look for Meaning

Having fun is great, but also make a point for having a meaningful experience in your vacation. This will give you a chance to teach and talk with your kids or spouse, creating bonds and also stronger memories of a great time.

While family vacations are great way to get away from the stresses of daily life, they won't be enjoyable if your family is facing deeper difficulties. Please make an appointment with Catholic Charities counseling program at 602-749-4405. Our counselors can help you and your family learn to communicate better, so you can enjoy your time together.



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