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Single? Get Through this V-Day with a Smile on Your Face

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Single? Get Through this V-Day with a Smile on Your Face photo by Martinak15 flickr.com/photos/martinaphotography/

Are you facing Valentine’s Day alone this year? Rebecca Sauer, a licensed counselor at Catholic Charities, suggests five ways to get through V-Day with a smile on your face.

1. Some Historical Perspective

A good thing to remember before V-Day hits is that Valentine’s Day is more than a day to celebrate romantic love. The day’s original purpose celebrated people who lived selflessly serving others. Read up on this holiday’s origins and celebrate yourself and friends who are truly living out this day’s original intent.

2. Treat Yourself

You don’t need a significant other to buy you gifts. Treat yourself to dinner, a movie or big heart-shaped box of chocolate. Sauer recommends more extravagant gifts like a spa day, massage or tickets to a fun event if they are in your budget.

3. Think of Others

There are many people in your life—so celebrate them at work, the gym, church or wherever you connect with others. Plan a day—or even a week—to show kindness to the people in your life that may not expect it, like neighbors and family members. An act of service or a small gift can go a long way to brighten someone’s day.

4. Singles Unite

Chances are there are other single people in your life. Why not plan an outing together? Try pizza and a movie at your house or an evening away playing putt-putt or paintball. Make this Valentine’s Day a time to create funny memories with your friends.

5. Ignore It

If you can’t get over feeling sad this V-Day, a good plan is to lay low. Plan on taking refuge in your home by watching a movie or tackling that project you’ve been putting off. You can always go out the day after and buy Valentine’s Day candy for half off.

If you are struggling with life and need someone to talk to, please call us at 602-749-4405 to make an appointment with a Catholic Charities counselor. We have offices throughout the Valley with low rates based on your ability to pay. We would love to help you through any pain or figuring out a plan to connect better with others.

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