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New Family Valentine's Day Traditions

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Americans spend close to $20 billion for Valentine’s Day. While the chocolate and cards are fun—let’s remember to celebrate the love. This V-Day create new traditions and create a culture of kindness in your family with these three tips from Rebecca Sauer, licensed counselor at Catholic Charities.

1. Start Valentine’s Day Traditions

“The best time to start Valentine’s Day traditions is when your children are young. Show them the Valentine’s Day isn’t a day about romance, but a day for love and kindness,” said Sauer. This can be done by taking cookies to a neighbor or a small gift for their teacher.

Once your children are a little older, they can do secret acts of kindness for family members like making someone’s bed or cleaning up dishes.

2. Visit People

As a family, plan a day to visit people who may be alone. Whether it is a widowed neighbor or a nursing home, plan a few hours to spend time with others in your community. Gifts aren’t required, but some easy ideas include handmade cards or flowers.

3. Valentine’s Day Meal

Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without a special meal with those you love. Plan a special dinner or breakfast for your family. The meal could include a red or pink theme, spaghetti with red sauce for dinner or pink, heart-shaped pancakes if you are serving breakfast. During the meal, discuss ways to show love and kindness to people in your life. Ask them how they can show kindness to the bus driver, their teachers or people they meet at the store.

“Teach your children that Valentine’s Day is about love, not for a partner but for everyone in our life,” said Sauer.

If you need help creating positive family culture, Catholic Charities has counselors throughout Greater Phoenix. Call 602-749-4405 to make an appointment. Our low rates are based on your ability to pay.

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