Jimmy and Kristine grew up in the East Valley of Arizona and attended the same church and highschool where they met and began dating Senior year. Since our very first months as a couple, we have prayed for our future family and the beautiful child that God would guide into our lives. Jimmy and Kristine are both native Arizonans with a shared passion for music, art, movies, game nights, karaoke, pickleball, local Arizona sports, and cooking. We often visit Kristine’s brother and his family of five in Kansas City, where we build Legos, play air guitar, go swimming, and adventure around new places in Missouri. We are also very close with Kristine’s younger sister who loves to join us for pickleball, game nights and Disney vacations. We enjoy traveling as a family and taking our annual Disney vacation to the theme parks. We hope to share our love for rides and Disney with our future child.

We have been married since February of 2010, and have lived in Chandler, currently located in a modern neighborhood quietly nestled just outside of the growing and lively downtown area. We look forward to raising our child actively in our diverse community, taking advantage of the many public parks, open-air farmer’s markets, music and art classes and countless resources for entertainment and exploration. We are also active members of our church with a strong desire to grow in our faith as a family.

While our two cats and one Chihuahua think they run the show, we cannot wait to transform our house into a home where our child will feel safe, loved, and nurtured. We are blessed that Kristine will be able to stay home with our child and Jimmy will be close by ( engineering and building rockets down the street). We are excited to build our own new family traditions and rituals, especially family dinners, movie nights, and spending time with our extended family who are local in Arizona (plenty of cousins to go around).