Hello! We are Joe, Ana, and Olivia. We have been a couple for 8 years and love being parents. We are ready to open our hearts and home to a 2nd child. We adopted Olivia in 2016 and she is amazing! She came into our lives as a newborn and changed our lives in every possible way. Olivia is a whirl of activity and loves to go the park, talk, and enjoy life in general. Our household is a mixture of cultures. Joe is from North Dakota, Ana is from Costa Rica, and Olivia is from Arizona. Our values are the same: family always comes first. Love and respect for one another are at the center of it. We believe in being kind to one another and supportive in every way. We enjoy cooking and look forward to sharing a good meal together at the end of the day. We live in Northern Arizona in a wonderful neighborhood full of kids and families. It is a great place to enjoy life outdoors. Like any other first time parents, we are learning how to do this as we go along but we have some key principles to guide us. We believe it is our job to be the parents and Olivia’s job to be the kid. We make the tough decisions because that is the parent’s role, and we set boundaries so she is safe to grow and be the child. We believe siblings are one of those wonderful things life has to offer and hope to adopt a little brother or sister for Olivia. We maintain an active relationship with Olivia’s birth mother and hope to have a similar relationship with the birth parents of our second child. We are open to developing this together.

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