Hi! We are Jacob and Melanie. We married in 2013 after a year of dating. We understand sometimes great relationships start in unusual ways. We met two states away from where we lived at work trainings in Dallas, Texas. Interestingly, we learned we lived just a few miles from each other back in Arizona and had some of the same friends. Although we’re not sure how it took us so long to meet, we’re forever grateful we did.

Since our wedding, we’ve enjoyed learning about one another and finding out that life just keeps getting better, even when we face challenges. One of those challenges has been infertility. Although we’ve been able to spend quality time with each other, creating lasting memories, we want to share our love and lives with children. And so we started looking to adoption as a way to help our family grow.

We love kids so much, we often feel like grown-up kids ourselves. We have some of the greatest nieces and nephews in the world (37 and counting) who we love to play with, send birthday cards to, and babysit. We are also excited to share our wonder and excitement of life with children of our own. We love to hike, explore nature, and travel.

When we find a child to adopt, we will shower them with love, opportunities and attention, so he or she can grow up to explore his or her talents and dreams. We know that our adopted child will be cherished and deeply loved in our home.

We hope to be part of an open adoption which includes letters, pictures and meetings.

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