Hello! We are Chad and Judy.  We are excited to be on this journey to grow our family through adoption. We met in 1999 and instantly became best friends.  As we started dating, people who met thought we had been married for years.  We have a strong bond and cannot imagine life without the other.

We were married in 2000, and have always wanted to be parents.  After trying for years to become parents, we decided on adoption.  We took a slight detour in our life plan, adopting Jeffrey, our nephew, in 2009, and focused on his needs whole-heartedly.  Now that he is grown and in college, we still want to be parents.  We want to share our lives and our love with a child. 

Chad is an R&D Engineer who loves reading, gadgets, video games and making Judy laugh.  Judy is an accountant who loves reading, hiking and dog training. She is also fluent in Spanish.  We both love to travel, watch movies, volunteer and spend time with our five dogs and two cats.

We have nine nieces and a nephew, six of whom are adopted.  Since we have a large extended family, we try to spend quality time with each other on a regular basis.  We also love having the kids stay with us during the summer holidays.

We look forward to an open adoption, because we want our child to know he/she is loved beyond measure, and has a healthy understanding of adoption as he/she grows.  Any level of openness that the birth family is comfortable with, we are willing to consider, from pictures to visits.  Thank you for considering our family, as you go through your own journey in deciding if adoption is the right choice for you and your child.

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