Hi! We are Benjamin and Andrea. We were married in 2003 and have always wanted children. Since we can’t have biological children, we’ve decided adoption is the right answer for us. Being parents will fulfill both our lifelong dreams of seeing the world through our child’s eyes as we guide him or her through life. Our plan is to be open and honest about our child’s adoption, to help them understand how lucky they are to have so many people who love them. We feel it’s important for our child to know and spend time with their birth family, and we are open to visits

We live in a very suburban area in the valley, with lots of parks and families near us. School options are also plentiful, which will allow us to find the best fit for our child’s education. Outdoor activities, movie nights and arts and crafts are all things we hope to enjoy with our child. Good food is part of our lives, too, whether going out to restaurants or staying home to make homemade tortellini and desserts. Going to parks, museums and exploring things that are important to each of us will be part of daily life for our family. Will our child love sports, science, animals? We’re excited to find out. We have a very large extended family living near and far who are all looking forward to a new addition to our family. They will all play an important role in our child’s life, with several helping regularly with childcare. Many of our close friends have young children, and we are looking forward to joining in on the fun with them with our family.

Imagining the smiles, hugs, laughter and of course a few tears, bring us both so much excitement for all the possibilities